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Otter Surveys

The otter is a fully protected mammal that experienced a massive decline in its population due to the introduction of Dialdrin and DDT as pesticides in the late 1950s. Since the ban on these chemicals, numbers of otters have gradually increased and the species is now known to occur in areas where it was previously absent. These even include rivers with an historical association with industrial pollution such as the River Roch and the rivers of the Douglas catchment in Lancashire.

Given the increase in the distribution of the otter, general river quality cannot always be relied on as an indicator of presence or absence of the species. Otter surveys are now recommended where river banks and other riparian habitat are affected by development or river works.

Recent otter surveys undertaken by ourselves revealed that otters traverse a section of river within 0.5km of the centre of a Lancashire town.

Pennine ecological are experienced otter surveyors who have found signs of otters on several rivers in England and Wales including the Lune, Wenning, Keer, Gilpin, Severn, Ithon, Mule, Marteg and Ceiriog.

Example contracts include

  • United Utilities

    Otter surveys have been undertaken in association with proposed maintenance/construction work on several sites in Lancashire.

  • RSK Environment

    Overton – Chirk Gas Pipeline. Otter Surveys of the River Ceiriog revealed signs of otters including holts.

  • Highways Agency

    A5 / M6 toll road improvement scheme, Leicestershire.

  • Highways Agency

    A1M upgrade, River Nidd and tributaries North Yorkshire.