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Badger Surveys

We undertake badger surveys throughout England and Wales. We also apply for badger development licences if these are required, for example, in relation to sett closures or other potentially damaging activities on active badger setts.

Initial site surveys will identify any sett locations and type, latrines, habitual badger runs, badger foraging areas and likely territories.

More detailed population dynamics can be understood by using badger bait marking surveys.

Our team of ecologists have a wealth of experience in dealing with this species and we offer a complete service including badger survey, licensing, badger sett re-location and artificial sett design construction.


Example contracts include;

(Please note in the interests of animal welfare we cannot provide site specific data in relation to badger survey locations)

  • United Utilities PLC

    Numerous badger surveys of land holdings throughout NW England. Implementation of mitigation measures.

  • Highways Agency

    Badger surveys, licensing and mitigation for major road projects in North Yorkshire and East Midlands.

  • Numerous badger surveys

    Throughout England and Wales for small – large scale developments