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Welcome to PENNINE ecological

PENNINE ecological are an independent, Lancashire based ecological consultancy established in 1996 by Robert Leatham and Ian Ryding.

Both Robert and Ian have worked extensively within the sphere of nature conservation and ecology for approximately 25 years. Both partners have a diverse career background of working in nature conservation organisations and in the commercial sector.

We operate from offices in Bolton and Preston. We are able to work anywhere in the UK, although historically most of our work has been undertaken in the north of England covering Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, West Yorkshire, Humberside and North Yorkshire.

The company was formed in 1996, although the combined experience of the partners is now approaching 50 years, during which time we have applied a wide range of ecological survey techniques and methodologies, throughout the NW and many regions of the UK.

We offer the full range of ecological services in all branches of ecology covering all habitats and species groups. Our services include;

  • Ecological Surveying of all habitats and species groups, e.g. vegetation and plant survey, amphibian and reptile survey, bird survey, mammal survey and invertebrate survey.

  • Ecological Evaluation of all surveys is undertaken to a rigorous high standard.

  • Ecological Impact Assessment of all developments is undertaken where required to address the need for mitigation and protected species licensing issues.

  • Mitigation Implementation is undertaken where required and includes; pond & aquatic habitat creation, terrestrial habitat creation including; refuges, wildflower meadow creation and hedge / tree planting.

  • Ecological Site Management Plans are produced where required to CMS format or bespoke standards.     

We pride ourselves on impartial, objective and scientific survey and advice. We adopt a pragmatic, can-do attitude for all of our clients. Although we are a small – medium sized consultancy, this we believe is our advantage since we are easily contactable, friendly and offer excellent value for money without the overheads of larger consultancies. Indeed several of our clients have informed us that they have come to us from large multi-disciplinary consultancies for these reasons.    

Most of our work is carried out in-house, however we occasionally commission approved and accredited sub-contractors for some specialist ecological surveys. Our team of experienced surveyors and contractors are available for all sizes of contract work. 

Our client base is varied and growing, this includes; private individuals; local authorities; county councils; planning consultants; landscape practices and land developers. Well established clients include; Manchester International Airport, National Grid, United Utilities, BAE Systems, the Highways Agency, and the Environment Agency.