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River Surveys

There are two main types of river survey used in the UK, River Corridor Survey (RCS) and River Habitat Survey (RHS). Both methods are used where rivers and streams might be affected by development or engineering works, which could include erosion control, flood defence, drainage and utilities management, road schemes, bridge works and conservation enhancement.

River Corridor Survey is an ecological survey of a 100m wide section of river of any length. It includes the detailed mapping and auditing of instream and riparian habitats, flow types and physical features. Signs of protected species including otter, water vole, birds, dragonflies and invasive species such as Japanese knotweed are also recorded during River Corridor Survey.

River Habitat Survey includes recording physical habitat, flow types and geomorphological features along specific 500m sections of river, and is used to assess river habitat quality and naturalness.

Our surveyors have extensive experience in river survey, in particular River Corridor Survey which is a specialist discipline in our company.

Pennine ecological has undertaken several major strategic River corridor surveys for the Environment Agency in the Thames Region, as well as surveys in the Severn-Trent area. Other surveys include RHS of the River Bollin, RHS/RCS of the River Wenning and RCS of the River Hodder, in total in excess of 800km or river have been surveyed.

Example contracts include

  • Lancashire Rural Futures

    Ecological Habitat Survey & Enhancement of the River Wenning including River Corridor Survey, River Habitat Survey of the River Wenning between Clapham and High Bentham.

  • Environment Agency

    RCS River Hodder - River Corridor Survey of the River Hodder Dunsop Bridge – Whitewell, Lancashire.

  • Environment Agency

    Strategic RCS River Rib & Tributaries - River Corridor Survey of the River Rib/River Quin catchment north Hertfordshire including areas of SSSI (125km).

  • Environment Agency

    Strategic RCS of the Loddon Catchment - River Corridor Survey of the tributaries of the River Loddon in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey including areas of SSSI. (128km).

  • Environment Agency

    Strategic RCS Thames Catchment 1 - River Corridor Survey of rivers in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire including areas of SSSI and Clattinger Farm Special Area of Conservation (SAC) (60km).

  • Environment Agency

    Strategic RCS River Thame Tributaries - River Corridor Survey of rivers in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire including SSSI (80km).

  • Environment Agency

    RCS River Severn. River Corridor Survey of the River Severn Montford Bridge to Uffington (28km).