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Pre-Purchase Site Assessments & Scoping Studies

The development of both greenfield and brownfield sites bring with them the responsibility of the developer to accommodate protected species and habitats as part of their site development. These issues are not always obvious to the purchaser/developer prior to acquiring the site, however once the planning process has been initiated, previously unknown protected species issues can cause complex, extensive and costly delays to the project.

To avoid such delays and to ensure that predicted costs can be factored into the development budget, we recommend undertaking a Pre-Purchase Site Assessment. This is a confidential service offered to clients, which will identify potential constraints to development arising from the presence of protected species and/or habitats, on or near to the site.

Our assessments are bespoke and designed around individual developments, however in general these frequently include assessments for protected species including great crested newt, bats, badger, water vole and birds.

Searches for statutory wildlife sites such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and non-statutory sites such as Biological Heritage Sites or Sites of Biological Importance are also undertaken.

We also undertake Phase 1 Scoping Studies in relation to proposals where protected species and statutory/non-statutory wildlife sites might be affected by development.


Example contracts include

  • Corus Rail Consultancy

    Keswick – Penrith EIA: Phase 1 Scoping Study (Reinstatement of disused railway line).

  • Private Client

    Assessment of industrial land for sale with Biological Heritage Site status and prevailing great crested newt, breeding bird and badger issues.