About Ecological Management Plans

Ecological Management Plans are designed to provide clear instructions (prescriptions) to manage sites to protect and enhance their key ecological attributes and biodiversity.

Ecological Management Plans are very much guided by the species and habitats present on existing sites or aspirations to create new habitats. It is therefore essential that all plans are informed by, and based upon, the collection of accurate and complete ecological data.

Ecological Management Plans can also be referred to as:

• Ecological Management Strategy
• Landscape Ecological Management Plan/Strategy
• Biodiversity, Mitigation, Enhancement and Management Plan/Strategy
• Green Infrastructure Management Plan/Strategy
• Biodiversity Management Plan/Strategy

Our Ecological Management Plan Services

Pennine Ecological produce clear easily understood conservation management plans for nature reserves and development sites.

Our plans are based at least in part on the Conservation Management System (CMS), format which is a system devised by an international partnership of conservation organisations aimed at raising standards in conservation and countryside management. This is the system that Natural England use to manage SSSI sites across England. We often favour a bespoke approach to site management plans which is easier to understand for land managers whilst adopting the ethos of the CMS approach.

Our management plans are clearly written and unambiguous with clear management objectives and detailed projects which we summarise in an annual calendar of tasks or projects. Typically the lifespan of a plan is 5 years, after which site management needs to be reviewed based on the impacts of site management.

Examples of  our Ecological Management Plan Work

Lancashire Wildlife Trust – Astley Colliery

Ecological Site Management Plan

 Chorley Borough Council – Yarrow Valley Park

Management Strategy (Nature Conservation elements only)

 Chorley Borough Council – Astley Park

10 Year Management Plan

 Chorley Borough Council – Hic Bibi Nature Reserve

Management Plans

 Bolton Council – Queens Park (flagship Victorian town park)

Biodiversity Surveys & Management Recommendations

 Bolton Council: Bradshaw Valley: Biodiversity Surveys & Management Recommendations

 Bolton Council – Hall Lee Brook Nature Reserve

Biodiversity Surveys & Management Recommendations

 Chorley Borough Council – Withnell Nature Reserve

Management Plan

 Chorley Borough Council – Blainscough Wood Nature Reserve

Management Plan

 Chorley Borough Council – Top Lodge Yarrow Valley Park

Management Plan

 Whitegates Farm – Astley Moss

Management Plan

 Cuerden Valley Park

50 year Management Strategy

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