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CASE STUDY - Electricity North West

Barton – Carrington 132kv Circuit Replacement (£10 million project): 2010 - Present

PENNINE ecological have undertaken ecological consultancy work for ELNW and their predecessors UU Electricity & Norweb since the mid 1990s. This latest project is perhaps the most important contract completed for our client. The replacement of overhead power lines in the Barton / Carrington districts with underground cable installations is a particularly challenging undertaking. The work involves replacing many overhead lines which currently pass through residential developments, a nature reserve, a sewage works and farmland.  The replacement of the circuits provides a critical upgrade in capacity serving local residents, businesses and The Trafford Centre developments. In addition a major improvement in landscape amenity will result from the works.

PENNINE ecological were tasked with acquiring and implementing a GCN licence for a section of the route passing through the Davyhulme Millennium Nature Reserve and United Utilities Davyhulme Sewage Works. To avoid additional impacts on GCN a particularly difficult task of fence installation was required along a narrow track to provide maximum working width for cable installation whilst safeguarding important GCN habitats immediately alongside the track. A series of carefully positioned vehicular and pedestrian newt proof access gates were also required to allow continued use of the track as a public footpath and access route during the full duration of the work. In addition tower dismantling operations on sensitive habitats were also required. Using our expertise and working with ELNW design teams and engineers we successfully acquired a GCN licence, cleared the working area of GCN and have provided ELNW sufficient easement to undertake all the required works. 

The GCN licence work undertaken by PENNINE ecological  included installation of approximately 1km of newt fencing, including the use of specialist rigid newt panels and gates. Thousands of amphibians were moved including low numbers of GCN. New log pile hibernacula will also be created once tree felling is completed.

Newt proof access gates

Pitfall traps checked for newts daily

Newt fencing allowing max working width for contractors between hedge & fence

Use of robust newt fence panels in narrow working area along track

Newt proof gate solution on hardstanding

Other Great Crested Newt Projects for ELNW / UU Electricity / Norweb: Dates: 1997 - Present

Penwortham 132kv Substation Replacement (Great Crested Newt licence & implementation including newt fencing and all mitigation).

Other Services Provided:

Numerous ecological surveys including; Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey / Water Vole Survey / Bat Survey / Great Crested Newt Surveys / Breeding Bird Surveys. Ecological Impact Assessments.