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BAE Systems, Samlesbury Aerodrome: Services Infrastructure Diversions associated with
£150 million site re-development: 2007 - Present

BAE Systems are one of a number of important clients with whom we have developed a close and very successful working relationship since 2007. We are retained as the sole ecological consultants for both the Samlesbury and Warton sites in Lancashire. Both these sites have significant ecological value and present challenging environments for development. Based on our experience and expertise we have successfully acquired licences for protected species (in particular GCN) and enabled BAE to transform and diversify the Samlesbury site according to BAE’s aspirations. We have worked closely with infrastructure design teams, engineers and senior managers in achieving BAE’s goals. 

The catalyst for development of the Samlesbury site was acquiring a licence for infilling a degraded GCN pond known as ‘The Fire Pond’. This pond located on the edge of the operational runway was used in WW2 for emergency aircraft fires. Subsequently it became colonised by GCN and was located in an area earmarked for major site expansion and office development.

The GCN licence work undertaken by PENNINE Ecological  included installation of over 6km of newt fencing, installation of 650 pitfall, staggered site clearance over 60 days, 20 nights of bottle trapping / egg translocation, netting and supervision of pond destruction and infilling. In addition we created 2 new purpose built ponds, several large hibernacula, new tree and hedge planting, aquatic planting and creation of wet scrapes for birds.

Thousands of amphibians were moved in this scheme with low numbers of GCN.

The ‘Fire Pond’

Creating new ponds on the airfield

New pond fills with water

Establishing aquatic plants in the new pond

Newt hibernacula created using kerb stones, logs & turf   

Other Great Crested Newt Projects at BAE Systems: Dates: 2007 - Present

Use of runway for car parking and haulage route during construction (Great Crested Newt licence & implementation including newt fencing and all mitigation)

Other Services Provided

Numerous ecological surveys including; Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey / Water Vole Survey / Bat Survey / Great Crested Newt Surveys / Breeding Bird Surveys. Ecological Impact Assessments / Production / implementation of Site Ecological Management Plans / Various BREEAM Assessments for new office and building developments / Ecological surveys of Warton Aerodrome (including Great Crested Newt issues)