About Arboricultural Surveys

Our qualified and experienced Arboriculturist will undertake site surveys for all your tree requirements.

This allows the local planning authority to assess how the trees may be affected by the proposed development and demonstrate how the retained trees will be protected throughout construction.

Our Arboricultural Surveys Services

Tree Constraints Report to British Standard (BS 5837: 2012):

The trees will be surveyed visually from ground level by a qualified and experienced Arboriculturist.

Our report will detail the condition and value of the trees by recording species, age class, height, stem diameter, crown spread, crown height, physical/structural condition and life expectancy for each surveyed tree/group of trees.

A colour coded Tree Constraints Plan showing tree positions, canopy spreads and Root Protection Areas.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment with Tree Protection Scheme to British Standard (BS 5837: 2012)

If you have a proposed layout for the development, we can also provide the following elements:

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment to discuss the potential impact of the development on the trees.

The protective status of the trees (Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas).

A Tree Protection Scheme to show how the retained trees will be protected during construction.

Examples of our arboricultural work

Blackburn Borough Council

Several proposed residential development sites within the borough.

Sawley, Ribble Valley

Surveys for a new camping site.

Industrial/Commercial Developments

Numerous surveys across NW England.

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